Road transport, both domestic and international is especially close to us, we work in it for years. We deal in full and partial loads.



We understand that in both, transport and freight forwarding the most important thing is the reliable transfer of information. It allows to avoid problems before they appear.



Transport doesn’t only mean the carriage of goods. Since the moment of the departure from the production line till the delivery to end customer we take care of every single stage of transport.


Welcome to the TSL Nordic Sp. z o.o. webpage.

The company was established on the basis of a long-lasting experience in the international road transportation and almost a decade of operating in freight forwarding. Once these two paths of our founders met, the company took the same direction.


Their knowledge helps us understand the essence of the transport industry, honesty and professionalism in every detail of our work. Although the company has started its activity quite recently, we put a lot of effort into our development each day. We search for and implement whatever may let us satisfy our customers’ needs in a more efficient way.


Thanks to the gathered knowledge and continuous improvement of the work system, we are able to deliver customers high standard of services in each field of our activity: Transportation, Freight Forwarding and Logistic

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Are you looking for professional transport company? Is effectiveness, liability and punctuality essential for you? By visiting our website, you have found the right place, where we can meet all of your requirements. We are experienced forwarding company based in Koszalin, that offers domestic and international heavy trucking transport. We have been doing it for many years now. Because of many years of experience, we are aware of our clients needs. Therefore we have come up with a flexible offer that takes care of quickness, efficiency of transport. We can guarantee your load will get to destination point without any damages or delays.

If you will decide to use our services, you will be taken care of by professional and experienced Staff for a reasonable price. We can advice our customers how to optimize international transport, so it could be processed witha a highest standards. You will save not only time but a money as well. We can take care of any international shipment from Koszalin to any place within Europe. If you are interested in our offer, please get in touch with us anytime.


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International Spedition – Koszalin

TSL Nordic specializes in domestic and international transportation of goods. We offer goods transportation for companies from Poznań and entire Wielkopolska region. We provide our services throughout whole Europe, you may also appoint shipment to country that is not European Union member. Our drivers and Staff of highly trained forwarders and logisticians hold many years of experience which is guratantee of full and quality service. Transportation is one of most important and most quickly developing branches. Without efficient and safe transportation it is hard to imagine functioning of modern economy.


We constantly extend our range of destinations on our transportation map. We execute carrying of goods from Poznań to all EU countries (and more) according to highest worldwide standards and our long-term experience. Beacuse of that, we came up with procedures that allow us to provide services fast and -what is even more important- highly safe. It has the special meaning while shipping goods that require expectional attention because of its technical features.


In order to guarantee highest standard of our transportation services, we still extend of partners base (haulliers, forwarders, logisticians). Thanks to that we have acces to not only our fleet, warehouses and other equipment but also to theirs. Are you inerested in our offer> Please contact us. We not only provide the transport, but also professional consultancy and help on every stage of your order.

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